Rua Rio Imburana, 344 - Itaquera SP


Coordination : Selma
VICE-Coordination: Mário
Secretary (a): Marli

Welcome to the Department of the EBD -Sunday Bible School


1. The same. From the point of view of holiness:

It teaches the Bible – which is the basis of our faith in God and leads to Christ as the Savior and Lord of each individual.

second, two. From the point of view of education: Train mind and heart toward eternity.

threeof them. From the standpoint of sociability: It enables you to enjoy the friendship and companionship of sincere Christians.

fourof them. From the point of view of personality: it helps to develop the Christian personality, necessary to face the problems of life victoriously.

fiveof them. From the point of view of character: The main objective of the Sunday School is to teach us to be exemplary Christians, in words and deeds.

sixof them. From the point of view of interest: presents interesting programs for your enjoyment and culture.

sevenof them. From the family standpoint: there is a class for each age, and every family can attend and take advantage of the teachings received.

eight, No. From the point of view of the service: from the ample opportunity to serve God and the Church, in activities that would not be possible elsewhere.

Nine, No. From the point of view of immortality: he directs our eyes to heaven and makes us understand that we must prepare ourselves for life beyond the grave.

tenof them. From a practical point of view: The interval of 1 hours or more that we spent in Sunday school, each Domingo, could not be employed with greater benefit anywhere else.

“The Sunday Bible School is the friend of childhood, the inspiration of youth, the strength of maturity and the comfort of old age!”