Rua Rio Imburana, 344 - Itaquera SP


Our mission

Our mission is to be an army of worchers who to the ends of the earth, and, by all means lawful and possible to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, establishing points of preaching and deploying churches with the same vision and model, to expand the Kingdom of God with order and decency.

Our Vision

The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is a living organism, an ecclesiastical organization where, men and women redeemed by the precious Blood of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, meet weekly in temples and residences to worship our good God. In each of our cults, we see the power and hand of God move in a singular way through the preaching and teaching of the Holy Bible, as well as through the praises and worship, gifts, signs, miracles, wonders and prodigies of the Holy Spirit of God who are often notorious in the lives of our members.